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All You Need to Know About Smoke Venting

The thought of having a fire at your home can be terrifying. Fires are known to transform a typically safe and comfortable living space to an incredibly scary place. Thankfully, advances in technology continue to make building a lot safer as they are designed for optimal fire safety.

A smoke vent is an essential fire-safety element to add to your home. Ideally, a smoke vent serves to prevent smoke build-up in a building in case of a fire. This makes it easy for the rescue team to save lives and help the occupants find their way to safety.

How smoke vents work

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Smoke vents are designed with the sole objective of venting hazardous smoke from a house or building in the event of a fire. Smoke vents can be either manual or automatic. In the case of the manual, the smoke vent has to be pushed or pulled to vent out smoke. Automated designs feature an internal fusible link. Which automatically opens the vent in the event of a fire. On the other hand, some vents might employ a mechanical mechanism that is controlled remotely using electronic interphase.

How Smoke Vents Keep You Safe

Smoke vents are meant to keep occupants of a home or building safe. The main benefit of smoke venting is to prevent the accumulation of smoke inside the building. On average, most fatalities in a fire are caused by smoke inhalation or suffocation than the fire itself. Also, smoke venting also makes evacuation procedures easy thus making it easy to save lives and property.

house fireFinally, smoke venting might also make it easy for the firefighter to locate the fire. In the case of a home without proper vents, fighter fighters are often forced to spend their time and effort guessing, which often proves to be costly. Timely extinguishing is vital in reducing the damage caused and saving lives. It for these reasons smoke venting is an essential aspect of home designs.

Why Invest in Smoke Vents?

Does your building have some smoke vents installed? Good if you already have smoke vents installed, but your answer is no, you need to have these safety features installed soon. Some vents are not optional but are essential for fire safety. Having them installed with can prove worthwhile especially in the event of a fire outbreak.